The Property Market In Newark, Delaware

The property market across the United States – with some notable outliers has been characterized by exceptional volatility in the past decade. Natural disasters, a see-sawing dollar, political uncertainty surrounding Presidential nominations – not to mention the sub prime missteps by major financial institutions have led to boom / bust cycles in a large number of areas.

One of the places to suffer from the uncertainty caused by this cycle was Newark in Delaware. However analysts are predicting a new cycle in 2018 – a cycle that will be characterized by a more stable market.

This may be the time for those who are in search of an investment property to take a closer look at properties in this area. These property investments are perfect for those who want o see a steady growth in value, rather than stellar performance and the risk that accompanies the expectations of this sort of growth and the sometimes frenzied buying and selling which accompanies it.

The growth in demand and value of Newark properties has been fueled by a variety of factors, including an influx of retirees in search of the lifestyle offered by living in Newark. There have also been buyers fleeing higher tax burdens in other parts of the country, as well as those in search of a second home or investment property.

The balanced nature of the market is without doubt being fueled by retirees who are now relying on pensions rather than a job to fund their lifestyles. The fact of the matter is that these investors are interested in factors such as lower housing association rates, tax burdens and insurance costs. As long as Newark, and Delaware in general continue to offer value added benefits like these the current ‘balanced’ housing market looks set to be around for a while.